Traceability is defined as the ability to identify and trace the history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials, to ensure the reliability of sustainability claims, in the areas of human rights, labor (including health and safety), the environment and anti-corruption.

Traceability is at the core of ARCHE Advisor’s consulting practice. We have pioneered some of the most notable traceability validation protocols in the industry. Working closely with companies to trace product components through their supply chain, ARCHE Advisors provides cutting edge expertise and experience.

ARCHE collaborates with procurement and social responsibility teams to map their supply chains. Identifying the ‘where and how’ is important not only for brand identity but for product content claims. Our validation activities help provide independent verification that responsible practices are implemented at key points along the entire supply chain. We help to identify product components, create the traceability assessment, review chain of custody documentation, prepare suppliers for visual inspection, conduct the on-site audit, and interview key managers and workers along the way.

Every product source is different, requiring adaptability of criteria and audit methodologies to each context. ARCHE has gained wide-ranging industry expertise from our work in apparel, consumer goods, food and beverages, agriculture, forest products and electronics. We are the go-to experts on traceability.

Evolving expectations of social and environmental responsibility drive the need to identify product origins and set minimum traceability standards. Tracing product chains helps to validate supplier data, analyze potential gaps, and build a complete traceability roadmap. The result is a credible and robust assessment based on proven audit methodology. Our detective work uncovers the traceability course, assuring that your supply chain is accurately mapped and supply chain standards communicated to the product source.

Supply Chain and Traceability

It is important to map out your supply chain, to understand who they are and where they operate. Oftentimes, the most complicated supply chain maps are discovered through this mapping process. Revealing the product component sources can uncover a great deal of important mapping information. This information lays the groundwork for a robust traceability effort.


First, a strong traceability standard requires strict responsibility principles. Without these guiding principles, the standard loses meaning and it is difficult to define the end-goal of what you are trying to achieve. Whether you are tracing product origin in order to identify animal welfare practices, conflict mineral due diligence or wood purchasing compliance, ARCHE Advisors helps you identify these principles or align with existing industry standards.

Methodology:  A Traceability Management System

We help to create a traceability management system that includes policies and procedures that are suited to each industry. These policies and procedures include measures of accountability and supplier reviews, a worker-training program, guidance through the implementation process, communication with suppliers, plus the requirements of adequate monitoring to verify traceability assurances. We perform on-site visits to assess supplier’s compliance and suggest ways to help suppliers continually improve.


We then outline the audit protocol, building the on-the-ground assessment. The audit reviews compliance with the traceability standard defined earlier in the process. It defines what auditors will assess, what scoring or rating factors will build the report, and provides guidance on social and environmental responsibility indicators. The audit also reviews chain of custody documentation, legal compliance, and other relevant factors that may apply, such as animal welfare practices or purchasing policies.


Stakeholders or shareholders may request information about company traceability programs. We offer reports on individual site assessments, a comprehensive analysis of a product supply chain, and a custom traceability scorecard. The report is custom-built, based on the requirements and scope of your traceability standard.

For more information about our Traceability Program, please contact Greg Gardner, President and CEO, ARCHE Advisors,